Roulette for BlackBerry Bold

For those with the BlackBerry Bold a trip to a casino to play roulette is no longer necessary. The Bold, with a roulette app, can serve as a casino in one’s hand. BlackBerry roulette is also available for those who own a Curve or Torch. The roulette for BlackBerry app is not just fun, you can win real money on it as well.

The roulette app was designed by Jackpot City specifically for the BlackBerry, which allows for a smooth playing experience. How real is the roulette experience on a Bold or other BlackBerry? Background special effects are available to give the user a full on casino experience giving the user the same thrill as standing in front of a real roulette wheel. It is easy to become caught up in the excitement of playing BlackBerry roulette, even for those with little roulette experience. Anywhere you are, as long as you have your Bold or other BlackBerry, you can be winning real money, day or night.

The Bold roulette app’s appeal traces back to Jackpot City’s tireless efforts to make their roulette experience as real as possible. The easy to understand instructions and intuitive play features can turn any Bold user into a seasoned roulette player in no time at all.

JackpotCity does not only have a roulette app for the Bold, but a roulette app is also available for other BlackBerry models, like the BlackBerry Curve, or BlackBerry devices with a touch screen, like the Torch or Playbook.

Those who do not use a BlackBerry, but want the fun a roulette app has to offer, will be happy to know that they have not been left out of the fun. There are other roulette apps available for other mobile devices such as Android and iPhone or iPad. Some may prefer to increase their excitement and enjoyment by playing a roulette app on an Android or Apple based tablet. However, the convenience of a handheld device, transportable in a shirt pocket, makes playing roulette on a mobile phone handier.

By playing on a BlackBerry and using the roulette app designed by Jackpot City, you have the added incentive of playing for bonuses unavailable on other platforms. Enjoying roulette on your Bold BlackBerry could not be easier. All that is required is to simply download the roulette app, register at Jackpot City and make a deposit. Then you are ready to spin the wheel and start having fun as you win real money.